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How to Help Folks New to the Gym

The gym is a weird place. People walk into it seeing their potential selves grow, or they see the gym as a means to get to a future self that they’d really like to see, but they aren’t always sure about what to do with the environment. Especially when they’re

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Build the Coach Before You Build the Brand

Today’s post is from Strength Faction Mentor Wesley “ShoDub” Showalter. He’s one of our favorite people on the planet, and he’s a storied character around the Faction. The next time you see him, on social media or otherwise, ask him if you can get in on Free Content Friday. Speaking of

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Just the Tip: The Kettlebell Arm Bar

Goooooood Tuesday! Welcome back to another insertion of Just the Tip!

This week Big Poppa Connelly is laying it down (literally on the floor) with the kettlebell arm bar. The arm bar is a great shoulder stability and thoracic range of motion drill–problem is, a lot of folks mess

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How Clean is Your Toolkit?

Today’s post is a guest blog from Strength Faction Mentor, Ross Oberlin. The man is as smart as he is handsome, and in today’s post he gives us all some insight on developing a solid training toolkit and keeping that sucker in good working order. Check it:



For many

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Just the Tip: Barbell Front Squat Hold Options

Front squats are rad in a lot of ways–they decrease stress on the back while squatting, they get the anterior core’s mojo working, and they allow for a great squat range of motion. We like them.

Grip, however, can be confusing. How in the hell are we supposed to hold

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Just the Tip: Punching the Snatch

Does it feel like you’re always playing a game of “slappy wrist” when you do a kettlebell snatch? That damn thing just flops over and crushes your wrist and you can’t seem to make that shit smooth. Clients having a hard time getting it, too?

Well, Big Poppa Connelly has

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Stop Looking for Magic

Chris and I wasted 2.25 hours of our lives yesterday. Why am I being so specific—because that’s how specific the marketing consultant we hired was with billing us for her time. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with being specific with your billing, but, call me crazy, maybe you

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Just the Tip: The Jump Rope

Welcome to Tuesday, you beautiful people, and your weekly insertion of Just the Tip!

This week, Big Poppa Connelly is back with something seemingly simple to access and perfect: The Jump Rope. But, a lot of folks have a hard time skipping that sucker in rhythm–and then end up

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5 Tips for Nailing Your Initial Consultation

This weird thing happens to gym owner when someone walks through their doors for the first time: it’s like the person, that’s coming in for some kind of training solution, morphs into some kind of mystical unicorn. That’s right—it’s no longer Mrs. Jones or Mr. Thompson. This mythic entity in

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