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The Code of Coaching Values

This week, I’m hooking you up with another excerpt from On Coaching Development, our Strength Faction coaching book that’s coming out next year. This time, we’re talking about the Code of Coaching Values we developed at BSP NOVA. Check it and enjoy yo’ self!


The Code of Coaching Values 


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4 Ways to Help Your Clients Set Goals

A lot of folks come to us—us meaning coaches and trainers in general—to start their fitness journeys without a clear picture of just where exactly it is that they’d like to go. They just know they don’t want to stay where they currently are. That, ladies and gents, is a

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Just the Tip: Cat-Cow

Well, hello there, rad members of the Faction Family. It’s Tuesday, and once again, it’s time for your favorite sexual innuendo of a coaching tip: Just the Tip!

In this week’s insertion, Big Poppa Connelly recruits the help of his fellow Rebell Strength and Conditioning coach, Nikki, to demonstrate the

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The Hardest Damn Thing You Can Think Of

Yesterday, we posted a Jordan Peterson quote on our Instagram. It looked like this:

The quote comes from one of his biblical lectures, “The Psychology of the Flood”, and it’s an interesting way to frame purpose. Most of the time when we think about why we do something, we often

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Just the Tip: Manage Your Imposter Syndrome

It’s Tuesday…time for your favorite educational sexual innuendo–Just the Tip!

This week, Big Poppa Connelly has an insertion that’s going to help you take better care of yourself.

We all have to deal with imposter syndrome from time to time–that feeling that we don’t deserve what we have or don’t

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Just the Tip: RPE

Well, if it ain’t about time–we’re back with new insertions of Just the Tip!

This week, Big Poppa Connelly is giving you some goods on how we use RPE to program for our Strength Faction members, as well as our general population clients.

Our scale is influenced by great powerlifting

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