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Strength Faction Ideals

Strength Faction is the first resource of its kind-a community-based experiential learning program designed to help strength coaches and personal trainers develop personally and professionally.

It's based on the tenets:


“Even coaches need coaches.” We know how hard it is for coaches to manage their own training while managing clients’ training, and potentially a business. We know the value of intentional community. We know the importance of continuing education.

That’s why Strength Faction exists.

Coaches, like their clients, deserve the opportunity to transform via great programming and coaching while existing in a supportive community of like-minded individuals that are navigating the same issues and desiring the same outcomes.

Education encompasses the entire program.

Members learn-by-doing—following great programming, learning from Todd, Mike and Chris, and from the other coaches in the community. Learn-by-doing opportunities are supported by weekly lessons, QnA sessions, webinars and demonstration videos.

The Strength Faction Process

It all begins with learning about each individual member. We’ve taken our effective gym evaluation process - movement screen, the “why” finding assessment, postural screen, anthropometric measurements - and brought it to the internet.

We use this process to help each member adapt the program to meet his specific needs.

Then the fun begins.

Each member learns to fit the program to their current needs:

  • Select movements
  • Determine intensity
  • Determine frequency

By following detailed written and video lessons and by interacting with the Strength Faction coaches. But wait...there’s more!

The program changes with the season.

We’re all taking in extra calories in the fall and winter, so we use them to build muscle and strength. In the spring we cut to get ready for shirtless, or bikini-clad, summer meandering.

The summer program teaches us to maintain our gym lifestyle while staying active and enjoying the summer weather. Each training block runs for 16 weeks with a one-week break between blocks.

Strength Faction members sign up for each block with the option to re- up at the end. What happens if a member feels like they need extra help? They schedule a meeting with a coach.

As members train using the Strength Faction program, they receive weekly lessons, have the option to participate in a weekly QnA that frequently features special guest coaches, and have access to live-recorded Beyond Strength Performance staff in-services. The Strength Faction Week

Monday is Prep Day!

Each Monday you receive the Monday Email—a look at the Strength Faction week ahead. We’ll talk about how to be successful with the program that week and give you a preview of all the lessons that are coming your way during the week. We’ll help you get your mind right to kick the week right in its unsuspecting ass!

Tuesday is Lesson Day!

On Tuesdays we learn. This glorious, second day of the workweek delivers either a written or video lesson. Topics range from self-coaching and mindset to lift performance and the idiosyncratic nature of navigating exercise. Topics are also tailored to match the current training phase and weekly theme.

Wednesday = Lessons and QnA!

That's right - lessons on Wednesday's, too. As the Faction progresses, this will be the day for our nutrition work, but expect great lessons on all the other Faction topics (personal development, programming, coaching, professional expansion, business) on Wednesdays as well.

But Wednesday's aren't done after the lessons hit the dashboard, we also have weekly Wednesday QnAs. These puppies take place mid-afternoon. The Faction Family gathers on ZOOM while we chat with each other or learn from an industry-leading special guest.

Fit Biz and QnA Thursdays!

On Thursdays we learn from Cressey Sports Performance's business mastermind, Pete Dupuis! Using a combination of videos, written lessons, and question and answer sessions, Pete gives Faction members immediately applicable business advice, tips, and skills that help us all grow, and run, better fitness businesses.

Later that evening, we have another round o' Strength Faction QnA. Same structure as Wednesdays, this time we just get down in the evening. There's usually booze, and sometimes people wear costumes. And there are at least two special guests per month.

Frat Boy Friday

Even the most serious strength coach wants to look good—and a shirt-stretching set of pipes make aesthetics pop. A new workout video is posted every Friday to prepare ladies and gents for the weekend marauding.

Beyond the aesthetics, Fratboy Friday is there to remind us that the gym is supposed to be fun. Blow off some steam and sculpt some aesthetics!

Other Awesome Strength Faction Attributes

The Monthly Alpha Challenge Challenge incites motivation. Each month brings about a new Alpha Challenge; the Strength Faction coaches lead from the front and complete the challenge first to set the bar for the members.

Members have the option to participate in the challenge by posting a video to the private Facebook group. It’s a great way for everyone to interact, push each other and achieve beyond perceived limits! Monday and Friday Emails Monday looks ahead and Friday recaps.

The Monday emails are designed to get folks moving at the beginning of the week by having a look at what’s headed their way. Friday stands in repose to bring the week’s training and lessons into a unified focus so they are processed and digested before next week comes.

Coaching by Request Any member can request a private meeting with coach - via phone, zoom or Facetime. Everyone gets one fifteen minute meeting per month to keep them transforming and learning as a member of Strength Faction.